The new album, featuring seven original compositions and three choice covers.  Available now on the "Store" page.

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Three featured tracks from the Kinetic CD


I teach all styles (Classical, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Latin, etc.) as well as music theory, composition, and recording, from beginner to advanced levels.  All ages are welcome, from children to adults.

I teach one-on-one private lessons at a home studio.  I can and do teach out of traditional method books (the basic course I use is Piano Adventures by Faber and Faber, both for children and adults), and I also offer the ability to tailor the lessons to the needs and motivations of each student.  I have a full computer-based recording and printing system, that enables me to create arrangements and recordings for virtually any song of interest to the student.  From the classics, to rock and pop tunes, to movie soundtracks, anything is possible...

I do put on recitals twice a year to offer a more social aspect to the lessons -- recitals are given at the Steinway Piano Gallery on 183 North.  All students of any age are encouraged, but not required to attend.

Lessons rates are: $30 for a half-hour lesson, or $60 for an hour lesson.  Half-hour lessons are once a week, and hour lessons can be either once a week or once every other week, depending on availability.

To schedule a lesson, please contact me or call me directly at 512-294-1601.  I'm happy to answer any questions you have about teaching style, methods, and availability.  

I'm the the process of creating an online lesson scheduling service to allow students to book lessons and gather all necessary information online -- stay tuned for further details, until then please call or email with questions.  Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to working with you!